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Saturday, September 3, 2011

8k Fan Giveaway Party- WINNERS!!

A HUGE thank you to all of the amazing vendors!  Without you, this giveaway wouldn't have been the success it was.  THANK YOU!  I've greatly enjoyed the friendships I have developed with each of you.  I highly recommend you and your shops to everyone =)

Another GINORMOUS thank you to all of you who entered!  Thank you for taking the time to follow the rules.  I hope you had fun playing along, and that you've found some new favorite shops in the process.

Without further adieu, I am SOOO excited to announce the winners of our AMAZING Giveaway!  Originally, I was only giving 48 hours to claim, but with it being Labor Day Weekend (and I hope everyone is out having some FUN), I am extending the deadline to claim the prize packages to Tuesday, September 6th at midnight MDT.  Any packages not claimed by then will be redrawn for.

It appears my image is too large for blogger, and my family is waiting on me, so I don't have time to redo it at the moment!!  So, here's the list of winners:

Package #1- Comment 527 - Michelle - CLAIMED!
Package #2- Comment 262 - Brittney - CLAIMED!
Package #3- Comment 972 - Amanda - CLAIMED!
Package #4- Commen 389 - High Note Photography - CLAIMED!
Package #5- Comment 178- Heather Mullin - CLAIMED!

WINNERS!- To claim your prize, I need you to email me  Include your mailing address and email.  I will forward your information to each vendor for your prize package.  Thank You!

Congrats!!  Thanks again everyone!  Have a FUN, SAFE and Memorable Labor Day Weekend!

Sarah aka FotoTale Designs


  1. AGHH!!!! I can NOT believe I actually won!! Thank you SO much for such an amazing giveaway!!! I guess I will email you also to find out how to claim the prizes!

  2. I am so excited! Did you get my email? I emailed you but I am concerned that I haven't heard from you because I don't want to lose what I won. I am too excited about it! IF you didn't get my email, which I am sure you did, my email address is

  3. I was one number BELOW package number four :O Congrats to the winners... I'll be looking for a redraw of unclaimed packages ;)

  4. OMG I can't believe I actually won!! I'm SOO Excited! Even more so that I was able to Claim it in time!!! Please let me know if for some reason you don't get my e-mail!!! THANK YOU FOR HOSTING THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!


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